Fashion Store

If you’re a small retail business (Restaurant/Pub, Clothing Boutique, Auto Dealership, etc.) or a large retail business (Restaurant Chain, Pharmacy Chain, Hotel Chain, etc.), you need to track and know where your consumers are right down to the inch by enabling beacons in your location(s). Beacons connect you to your customer’s shopping journey start to finish, beginning from the moment they enter your location, until the time they leave.  BeaconPro360’s turn-key proximity marking solutions are focused on increasing your sales and bringing interested customers right to your door.

Mission Statement

Verify Smart Corp’s mission is to provide innovative, easy to use, first to market products, that our customers’ simply must have to improve their business in a variety of markets and in a variety of ways. We offer high-quality, out of the box technologies at a reasonable cost to fit the individual needs of our customers at the same time improving the quality of life of the people using their products and services.

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