Real Estate

BP360 has several state-of-the-art marketing options for real estate brokers and realtors to help them market single family homes, new home subdivisions and commercial real estate. We use a variety of proximity marketing tools to provide maximum exposure for your listings such as BLE Beacons, Custom Realtor Business Cards, NFC Cards, Geofencing, Social Media and a Concierge service that is available to fully vet any leads generated by our marketing solutions. Essentially a convenient one-stop-shop for brokers and realtors to get the word out on their properties.

When a customer is anywhere from approximately 30-100 feet away from your location, a beacon will deliver content that entices customers to your business. For example, deliver a lock-screen message to customers.

The MedCon Product Line

Our platform is built for ease-of-use and flexibility – cards, images, forms, videos, etc.


Solutions available for Clinical Trials, Pharmaceutical Products, Retail Pharmacies, State Psychiatric, Consumer Products and the Pet Care Industry tand more!

The Verify Smart People

Verify Smart operates under the leadership of some of the most respected and recognized professionals in technology. The Verify Smart. team has combined, over 100 years of experience developing new technologies for large enterprises and 100 years of experience in the network marketing sales.

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