Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Med-Con Technologies LLC, with its portfolio of adherence products – specifically, the Universal MedSked™ Tab System and MedCon Mobile Smart Label™, is focused on simple cost-effective solutions. For pharmaceutical companies, MedSked will make it easier for clinical trial patients to manage their medication more successfully to ensure they are getting the full therapeutic value of the study medication. For clinical teams, it will improve the overall accuracy of clinical trial data and remove the guess work of knowing if a drug, that is not performing, is the result of the drug itself, or a direct result of the patient not taking their study medication.

When it comes to “Going beyond the Pill in pharma, Med-Con Technologies hits the mark. With the introduction of its MedCon Mobile Smart Label™ application: a 360-degree solution that benefits both the patient and the clinical team, Med-Con Technologies will play a significant role in the adherence market.

MedCon Mobile Smart Label utilizes Smart phone and barcode scanning technologies to help patients manage their dosing regimen and communicate adherence information back to the clinical team ‘real time’. It enables the clinical team to be able to remotely monitor, manage, and proactively engage a patient should a non-adherence trend develop and support the patient at the most opportunistic time. Clinical trial patients know when to take their medication and have an up-to-date historical record of their dosing regimen. All patient dosing activity is securely redirected to the Clinical trial team ‘real-time’ who can remotely monitor and effectively manage the date and time a patient has taken or missed taking their study medication.

Mission Statement

Verify Smart Corp’s mission is to provide innovative, easy to use, first to market products, that our customers’ simply must have to improve their business in a variety of markets and in a variety of ways. We offer high-quality, out of the box technologies at a reasonable cost to fit the individual needs of our customers at the same time improving the quality of life of the people using their products and services.

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