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Retail Businesses

If you’re a small retail business (Restaurant/Pub, Clothing Boutique, Auto Dealership, etc.) or a large retail business (Restaurant Chain, Pharmacy Chain, Hotel Chain, etc.), you need to track and know where your consumers are right down to the inch by enabling beacons in your location(s). Beacons connect you to your customer’s shopping journey start to finish, beginning from the moment they enter your location, until the time they leave.  BeaconPro360’s turn-key proximity marking solutions are focused on increasing your sales and bringing interested customers right to your door.

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Large Venues

If you own a large venue (Stadiums, Conference Centers, Theme Parks, Shopping Mall, Airport, etc.) then BP360’s scalable proximity marketing solutions can display such things as welcome messages, exclusive content, maps, directions and even coupons to assist fans, customers or guests in navigating their activities at a large venue.  You can also substantially boost your retail sales at these locations during events.

Real Estate

Real Estate

BP360 has several state-of-the-art marketing options for real estate brokers and realtors to help them market single family homes, new home subdivisions and commercial real estate. We use a variety of proximity marketing tools to provide maximum exposure for your listings such as BLE Beacons, Custom Realtor Business Cards, NFC Cards, Geofencing, Social Media and a Concierge service that is available to fully vet any leads generated by our marketing solutions. Essentially a convenient one-stop-shop for brokers and realtors to get the word out on their properties.


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Retail Pharmacy

If you’re a retail pharmacy and are struggling to meet the demanding requirements of the Accountable Care Act (ACA), MedCon solutions are a must for your pharmacy.  MedCon’s MedSkedTM products are cost effective and simplifies your customers self-management of their medication being purchased from your stores.  MedSked not only improvers your ACA statistics via improved adherence, but by using the MedSked products, your customer will also purchase more medication thus improving your bottom line twofold via increased reimbursements and increased profits.  Pharmacies can choose to give away the MedSked with chronic medication prescriptions or offer MedSked to customers in their stores via the 3-Pack or 12-Pack retail packaging or do both.

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Pharmaceutical Businesses

Med-Con Technologies LLC, with its portfolio of adherence products – specifically, the Universal MedSked™ Tab System and MedCon Mobile Smart Label™, is focused on simple cost-effective solutions. For pharmaceutical companies, MedSked will make it easier for clinical trial patients to manage their medication more successfully to ensure they are getting the full therapeutic value of the study medication. For clinical teams, it will improve the overall accuracy of clinical trial data and remove the guess work of knowing if a drug, that is not performing, is the result of the drug itself, or a direct result of the patient not taking their study medication.

When it comes to “Going beyond the Pill in pharma, Med-Con Technologies hits the mark. With the introduction of its MedCon Mobile Smart Label™ application: a 360-degree solution that benefits both the patient and the clinical team, Med-Con Technologies will play a significant role in the adherence market.

MedCon Mobile Smart Label utilizes Smart phone and barcode scanning technologies to help patients manage their dosing regimen and communicate adherence information back to the clinical team ‘real time’. It enables the clinical team to be able to remotely monitor, manage, and proactively engage a patient should a non-adherence trend develop and support the patient at the most opportunistic time. Clinical trial patients know when to take their medication and have an up-to-date historical record of their dosing regimen. All patient dosing activity is securely redirected to the Clinical trial team ‘real-time’ who can remotely monitor and effectively manage the date and time a patient has taken or missed taking their study medication.

Insurance Agent

Health Care and Insurance Providers

With 70% of Americans prescribed at least one medication and almost 40% of Americans prescribed multiple medications, each year medication non-adherence cost the U.S. healthcare system almost $300 Billion in avoidable costs. This is a massive cost burden on Hospitals, Healthcare providers and Medical Insurance providers.

Both of MedCon’s products, the Universal MedSked™ Tab System and MedCon Mobile Smart Label™, can greatly assist Healthcare providers with their patient care. Healthcare providers will have a substantial effect on improving health outcomes, and for insurance companies, it means fewer doctor visits, hospital admissions, lower costs and a more favorable bottom line. Provider’s will always know, at a glance, when their patients need to take their medication.

The Verify Smart People

Verify Smart operates under the leadership of some of the most respected and recognized professionals in technology. The Verify Smart. team has combined, over 100 years of experience developing new technologies for large enterprises and 100 years of experience in the network marketing sales.

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