Beacon Pro 360 Product Line

For large and small business owners, stadiums or conference centers, real estate brokers and realtors, retail business, Beacon Pro 360 provides the best, most cost-effective, advanced technological solutions to fit your specific sales, marketing and advertising needs. We use a variety of technology products to deliver our solutions such as Bluetooth® Beacons, NFC Cards, Geofencing and Social Media to help you market your business. Ask us about some of our products and solutions that can help you increase your sales and improve the bottom line.

BLE Beacon Technology Products

Beacon Pro 360 offers several different Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons that are targeted for a variety needs. We offer the C6 Beacon, which is a wearable Beacon that goes around your neck or is attached to a keychain and is ideal for implementations where you need to have a Beacon transmitting marketing from an individual such as a sales person at a trade show or conference or a real estate agent. We also offer the E2 and I3 Beacons for outdoor/indoor implementations where you require the Beacon to be aligned with a specific location and transmitting marketing to a random audience nearby such as a retail pharmacy or large stadium. There are literally thousands of solution options. Speak with our BP360 Team to see how our Beacon products can assist you with your custom marketing needs.

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NFC Cards

Near Field Communication (NFC) is an exciting technology breathing life into marketing campaigns around the world. By linking the digital and physical worlds, NFC allows you to provide information about your products in real time to potential customers. These are high quality printed business cards that come integrated with digital technology. With an embedded NFC chip, your business card will trigger a digital action (like opening your website) when tapped against any NFC enabled device (these days, that’s almost all Smart-phones and tablets).


Geofencing Technology

Geofencing is a mobile advertising technology that allows companies to present targeted advertising to individuals based on their physical activities and the places that they go. It’s not just an area or citywide targeting, but instead the ability to present advertising to people that walk around or inside buildings, let’s say a trade show that’s going on or let’s say a convention center, or a conference, or one of your competitor locations, or say a new home site.

Essentially anyone that walks inside a geofenced location, can be served targeted ads, both while they’re there at a location, and after they leave that location for up to 30 days. These ads can be seen in several mobile applications as we have access to 700,000 plus apps (such as the Weather Channel app or a game such as Angry Birds). All those apps are places where customers or individuals that walk inside a geofence would see your targeted ads.

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Social Media Marketing

The BP360 team uses social media for customer marketing campaigns to generate quality leads for the Real Estate marketplace. Our goal is to offer multiple forms of marketing to our customers so they can get the maximum exposure they require. We also offer a concierge service that aligns with our lead generating programs to extensively refine the leads being captured. This filtering process narrows down the leads to high-quality leads that have a high-level of interest in whatever products or services that are being marketed via the campaign.

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Mission Statement

Verify Smart Corp’s mission is to provide innovative, easy to use, first to market products, that our customers’ simply must have to improve their business in a variety of markets and in a variety of ways. We offer high-quality, out of the box technologies at a reasonable cost to fit the individual needs of our customers at the same time improving the quality of life of the people using their products and services.

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