Proximity Marketing Solutions

With more than six billion mobile phones in the hands of consumers today globally, and growing every day, phones have become a basic necessity for most people on the go.  With the proliferation of smart phones, just about every consumer with one is potentially susceptible to a targeted proximity marketing campaign.  This is particularly true with younger Millennials who are tech-savvy shoppers and are more likely to own a smartphone and it while shopping.  One of the key benefits of proximity marketing is that its marketing messages reach a high percentage of potential customers who are in the immediate area of the product or service being campaigned.  The Beacon Pro 360 team has a wide range of proximity marketing solutions to fit your custom marketing needs.

Beacon Pro 360 Customer
By Jeff S.

“Beacon technology has become part of my everyday life especially with promoting my business. I have one on my keychain and take it everywhere I go so I can promote my message. It really works and is great for mobile marketing. I would highly recommend Beacon Pro 360 for your proximity marketing needs.”

Beacon Pro 360 Customer
By Andre P.

“What I like best about Beacon Pro 360’s proximity marketing solutions is they have taken my home business to a new level. Their beacons come ready to go right out of the box. I have them broadcasting my advertising 24/7.”

Beacon Pro 360 Reseller
By Judy C.

“Beacon Pro 360 is an exciting new venture for me after 40 years in real estate. I’m finding Beacons are taking me into the future in both marketing and real estate. It is improving my ability to help people in both increasing their income and selling their real estate. It is a win/win for us both.”

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Medication Adherence Solutions

Global pharmaceutical revenue losses due to medication non-adherence are estimated at $637 Billion annually. U.S. Pharmaceutical companies lose an estimated $250 Billion annually as a result of Medication non-adherence. With 70% of Americans prescribed at least one medication and almost 40% of Americans prescribed multiple medications, each year medication non-adherence cost the U.S. healthcare system almost $300 Billion in avoidable costs. This is a massive cost burden on Hospitals, Healthcare providers and Medical Insurance providers. MedCon’s medication adherence solutions are extremely cost effective and competitively priced. These solutions are available for Clinical Trials, Pharmaceutical Products, Retail Pharmacies, State Psychiatric, Consumer Products and the Pet Care Industry to name a few.

MedSked Customer
By Carlos Oliver

“I have an extremely busy schedule and travel extensively on business. When it comes to taking my medication, it’s challenging to remember to take it, and quite often, it’s difficult to know if I have taken it or not.

I found out about MedSked from a friend and decided to try it. It was pretty easy to use and it helped. I’ve been using MedSked for a nearly three years and it’s a terrific product that helps me take and stay on my correct medication schedule.

I would highly recommend it to anyone taking important medication.”

Arthritis Foundation
By Executive Director, NJ Market for The Arthritis Foundation

“Thanks for checking in……I am good with the new MedSked and it has kept me on track.”

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The Verify Smart People

Verify Smart operates under the leadership of some of the most respected and recognized professionals in technology. The Verify Smart. the team has combined, over 100 years of experience developing new technologies for large enterprises and 100 years of experience in the network marketing sales.

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