Verify Smart Division Overview

Verify Smart currently has or is in the process of acquiring four solutions divisions (Proximity Marketing, Medication Adherence, Anti-Texting and Transaction Security). We own, have purchased or are in the process of purchasing the technology for these divisions and are in the process of launching, standing up or putting together the business plans for these divisions. Each of these divisions have innovative, first to market patented technologies behind them and we anticipate substantial growth from these divisions over the next several years and beyond.


High-Level VSC Strategy

  • Focus on emerging Mobile/Cloud-based technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) related companies for investment. Initially limit investment to three (3) organizations.
  • Diversify our investment opportunities to reduce overall stockholder risk.
  • Initially partner with strategic vendors to provide operational and fulfillment services to allow for scale and reduce expensed and the need for corporate FTE’s.
  • Sell off successful divisions as the opportunities present themselves and acquire new opportunities with these revenues.
  • Have a limited corporate senior staff to oversee and manage the divisions.

Beacon Pro 360 Proximity Marketing Division

VERIFY SMART CORP is embracing Bluetooth Proximity Marketing Strategies with the acquisition of BeaconPro 360, LLC (BP360), an Orlando, FL based marketing company that is utilizing its Affiliate sales structure to drive highly targeted customer traffic, thru turn-key “out of the box Proximity Marketing solutions. With a laser focus on high volume advertising, and lead generation for the small, brick and mortar retailer to the Fortune 500 companies. Proximity marketing is the local distribution of advertising content associated with a particular place or location. Proximity marketing is extremely relevant in today’s marketing and advertising world. According to a survey conducted by JiWire in 2014, 57% of consumers are more likely to engage with proximity advertising. Advertising notifications come to a potential customers’ phone and serves as an opportunity to boost sales conversions. BP360 will utilize cutting edge proximity marketing technology in combination with proven marketing techniques to deliver point advertising. With an emphasis on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacon technology and its multiple applications, BP360 advertising packages will appeal to a vast spectrum of vertical markets such as Retail Stores, Franchise Operations, Restaurants, Hotels, Real Estate, the Medical Industry, the Auto Industry, Sports, and much, much more. The programs are designed to increase the bottom line of all businesses, with minimal implementation effort, time and cost. Our solutions will allow our customers to focus on increasing their sales instead of implementing beacon devices and managing constantly changing advertising content.

Medication Adherence Division

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VERIFY SMART CORP will be the exclusive reseller of MedCon Technologies’ medication adherence products once we finalize our agreement with MedCon. Our target customers for these products are Clinical Trials, Pharmaceutical Products, Medical Insurance Providers, Retail Pharmacies, State Psychiatric Institutions, Consumer Products, Pet Care Industry to name a few, further broadening the market potential and revenue streams.

Global pharmaceutical revenue losses due to medication non-adherence are estimated at $637 Billion annually. U.S. Pharmaceutical companies lose an estimated $250 Billion annually as a result of Medication non-adherence With 70% of Americans prescribed at least one medication and almost 40% of Americans prescribed multiple medications, each year medication non-adherence cost the U.S. healthcare system almost $300 Billion in avoidable costs. This is a massive cost burden on Hospitals, Healthcare providers and Medical Insurance providers.


Medication non-adherence is a serious health issue growing to epidemic proportions globally. It also happens to be the most critical business issue for pharmaceutical companies and represents the “final frontier” for them – the only area of their business where they can generate significant top and bottom line growth, improve patient outcomes and create substantial savings for the healthcare system. MedCon’s simple to use MedSkedTM (which is a sleeve that goes around your pill bottle) and their more advanced MedCon Mobile Smart LabelTM solution addresses both the issue of patient medication non-adherence and backend data provided to the pharmaceutical organization and pharmacies supporting these patients. These products allow the patient to better manage their medication dosing.

Anti-Texting Division

Anti-Texting Division

VERIFY SMART CORP is the exclusive reseller of Mobile Safe Zone’s Workplace Shield technology product. Our target customers for this product are any company or organization that has an issue with worker productivity due to excessive cell phone use for texting or surfing the web on the workers mobile device. The Mobile Safe Zones (MSZ) anti-texting/web surfing system was designed to:

  • Provide continuous accountability feedback to a ‘monitoring party’ (e.g. a manager or supervisor) to easily verify a worker is not using their mobile device for non work-related activities.
  • Install easily and provide low maintenance for users
  • Increase productivity at the workplace by virtually eliminating texting and web surfing at the workplace

MSZ’s anti-texting/web surfing product is currently targeted for release in the third or fourth quarter of 2018.

Transaction Security Division

Transaction Security Division

Verify Smart is working with the cryptocurrency industry to utilize it’s global two-factor authentication patents. The current environment is very much like a wild west show and it’s only a matter of time until the SEC cracks down on these organizations and looks to regulate it. Our patents are one of the key elements in helping to stabilize the marketplace. We are in discussions with several cryptocurrency company’s and partnering with Legacy Financial Systems to further develop the technology based on our patents. We anticipate offering a set of cryptocurrency secure tools that can be used by other coin companies in the near future.

Mission Statement

Verify Smart Corp’s mission is to provide innovative, easy to use, first to market products, that our customers’ simply must have to improve their business in a variety of markets and in a variety of ways. We offer high-quality, out of the box technologies at a reasonable cost to fit the individual needs of our customers at the same time improving the quality of life of the people using their products and services.

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